Hi there,
I am
Δη∇ρεα, ∂√ø©⊂⊗

Welcome to my website!

About me

I faced many difficult challenges in life, but I am still here to spread the world my favorite motto:
"Never give up!"
I love the H2O molecules, whether swimming on a sunny day, or kitesurfing during the storm, I can't be far apart from water. So, I like spending my days at the beach, scuba diving, jumping from the highest rock and even walking on the lake's frozen surface near the North Pole. Amazing scenario there, but not the right place for chilly people 😜


I am fascinating about cutting-edge technologies with a strong interest in the alchemy of:


To speak the language of Nature


To deeply questioning about phenomena


To boost the fun


  • Generalization of Nepero's limit (will arrive soon)
  • Auxetic materials, properties and applications for a wearable capacitive technology
  • The Hough transform and its applications in medical imaging
  • Pondikos, the Salento painter

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