Hi there,
I am
Δη∇ρεα, ∂√ø©⊂⊗

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About me

I believe life is difficult and challenging by definition. I always considered this as one reason more to try my best every day, to improve, to learn, to stay curious, to dream and to love. So don't forget today's motto:
"Believe that is possible, don't give up and try your best"

H2O are my favorite molecules, whether swimming on a sunny day, or kitesurfing during the storm, I can't be far apart from water. So, you'll probably find me spending my days at the beach, scuba diving, jumping from the highest rock and even walking on the lake's frozen surface near the North Pole. Amazing sunset there, but not the right place for chilly people 😜


I am fascinating about cutting-edge technologies with a strong interest in the alchemy of:


To speak the language of Nature


To deeply questioning about phenomena


To boost the fun


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